Life is a work of art.

Oh. hey. Welcome to my Blog. I'm Sarah, btw :) I'm 5'2" tall. I'm kinda happy with myself, I guess, but sometimes I have days, I could just throw away everything I have. I try to see the good in everything and everybody. Because. Everything and Everybody is beautiful in its own way. I'm half American, half German, but sadly my German is way better than my English. I was born in Hawaii, but moved to Germany when I was 3. I also have red hair, & a undercut. My dream is, to go to high school (I'm currently on a german school) & go to college, & join the US Navy, or US Air Force. I also want to live my life by the fullest, travel the world, or at least Europe & North America. I'm single, & happy with that, mostly. I guess I'm just to young to be anybody's anything. Dinosaurs

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